July 5: Trust

In Jeremiah 7:1-15, God is upset with the hypocrisy of the people who called themselves “religious,” but whose lives were antithetical to the mercy, grace, compassion, and generosity central to their faith. God tells the people through the prophet Jeremiah that they are trusting in the wrong labels to be holy. They need to clean up their act, because going to church (so to speak) doesn’t mean you know God. Holiness is present only when our compassion is acted out in our lives and communities. 

When we trust, we feel confidence that a person or thing is reliable, has integrity, strength and surety. Trust is something most of us grapple with all our lives. Sometimes we trust people who are not trustworthy. Children are born in a vulnerable state, requiring them to trust. They do not survive if the adults to whom they are born do not take care of them. For some or even many of us, trust in others or in God is challenged from the very beginning of life.

Spiritual journeys tend to revolve around trust in a higher force, perhaps God, Jesus or the holy trinity for Methodists. Some of us may trust the community of which we are a part. Sometimes, we have no choice but to let go and trust in another or in the process of life itself. We may not notice God or feel a need for God when life goes smoothly.  Sometimes, when occurrences around us seem unjust or life is particularly difficult, we may decide we cannot trust in God or a higher power. How could a trustworthy God allow such unjust things to happen? The promise of God is not to make things easy, but to be with us during those difficult times.

How might we trust in that?

by Margot Chappel
Image credit:  The Space Whale, artist unknown

As you go about your day, keep your eyes open.
In what or whom do you “Trust”? 
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