July 21: Spirit

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
    He makes me lie down in green pastures;
he leads me beside still waters;
    he restores my soul.
                                          from Psalm 23

Like its counterparts in Hebrew and Greek,
the Latin word Spiritus originally meant breath
(as in expire, respiratory, etc.),
and breath is what you have when you’re alive
and don’t have when you’re dead.
from Wishful Thinking, A Theological ABC, by Frederick Buechner

Buechner continues to explain that spirit = breath = life. When a person has a strong spirit, that person is unusually alive and his or her spirit will be breathed out affecting others. Look at it like this: What nurtures us is contagious.

Scripture reminds each of us that God provides for our every need, we have water when thirsty and food when hungry, we have rest when we are tired, courage when afraid, and strength when we need it. Each of us is filled for life with God’s love and goodness. These ingredients of living life fully provide the perfect set-up for breathing our life-filled spirit onto those around us.

Let us give thought today about the opportunity we each have, by the simple act of living, to breathe our spirit, our life, into the lives of those around us, for in so doing, we give new meaning to the word inspiring and might even save some lives in the process.

by Pat Smith
Photo Credit:  Dawn Patrol at the Great Reno Balloon Races, 2013,
by Mike Chowla

As you go about your day, keep your eyes open.
What does “Spirit” look like to you? 
Post your picture with #reno150 on any social media site.

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